Meditation Resources: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Let me guess.  You would meditate… but you don’t have time.  I assure you – you do. Mediation goes hand in hand with mindfulness.  And mindfulness is at your Here is the opposite of mindfulness – walking down the street, not paying attention to people you pass or where you are going because you are texting to a friend. Mindfulness would have you be alert.  Look at your passersby – your fellow NYC residents bustling to work.  Are they hurried?  Sad?  Happy? […]

Meditation: it will make you smarter, better, faster, stronger

If you stream TV shows via the internet, you may have come across a curiously intrusive feature by ABC (Scandal is a preposterously guilty pleasure of mine).  They give you the chance to freeze frame a TV scene (while you are watching it) and text it or email that scene to friends. We are now distracting ourselves from our own distractions.  What I mean is – TV, generally speaking, is some form of escape.  At the end of a long day, I […]