Meditation Resources: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Let me guess.  You would meditate… but you don’t have time.  I assure you – you do. Mediation goes hand in hand with mindfulness.  And mindfulness is at your Here is the opposite of mindfulness – walking down the street, not paying attention to people you pass or where you are going because you are texting to a friend. Mindfulness would have you be alert.  Look at your passersby – your fellow NYC residents bustling to work.  Are they hurried?  Sad?  Happy? […]

Meditation: it will make you smarter, better, faster, stronger

If you stream TV shows via the internet, you may have come across a curiously intrusive feature by ABC (Scandal is a preposterously guilty pleasure of mine).  They give you the chance to freeze frame a TV scene (while you are watching it) and text it or email that scene to friends. We are now distracting ourselves from our own distractions.  What I mean is – TV, generally speaking, is some form of escape.  At the end of a long day, I […]

What Are Those Prescription Drugs Doing in Your Body, Anyway? – You live in your body – not your doctor, Part III

It was a long and arduous process, but after years of research and millions of dollars, various drug companies have probably managed to offer you remedies for some of your ailments. These remedies came in a little brown bottle full of pills expertly prescribed by your physician. Probably, some pills made you feel better, some made you feel worse and others just plain didn’t work. They usually come in a small pharmacy bag with all manner of warnings stapled to […]

Organic – How it was misrepresented and maligned in the press

“Organic.” When that word first took root in our parlance people used it in business meetings to suggest that their project (or business) would grow unfettered. I don’t know about you, but this usage of “organic” along with other yuppie words (like “facetime”) made my head spin. But the reason “organic” wheedled its way into our vernacular was not because it implied that a business project would have a higher vitamin content. It just meant it wouldn’t be unduly cultivated […]

To D or Not to (Vitamin D)? – Using Medical News Wisely

The year before last you couldn’t go more than one winter week without a headline or news anchor telling you that your winter blues may be due to vitamin D deficiency, at which point vitamin manufacturers and sellers everywhere littered your grocery store aisles with vitamin D bottles. We all took loads of vitamin D. Jump two years forward. A recent study came out suggesting that vitamin D deficiency does not cause depression, but data implies it is the reverse. Depression causes […]