About Yin Yang Balance

Acupuncture is just one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine – or TCM.  We also use herbs, massage, nutrition counseling, trigger point acupressure and moxabustion to help a patient restore balance to his or her whole body & mind.  Chinese Medicine has a 2000 year history of medical theory that allows for differential diagnoses of very simple ailments to complex ones & treats both acute and chronic conditions.

It also has a growing body of clinical research demonstrating its efficacy across many disease states.

What are Yin and Yang?

Yin and Yang have become pretty common words in the West.  We are all now pretty familiar with the yin/yang black & white circle symbol.  These two concepts – which are actually somewhat difficult to define – can be understood more easily in examples.

Imagine how it feels in your body on the blazing hot August day (yang)  vs. the freezing cold, shivering day in February (yin); or feeling the burst of energy that comes with sudden happiness (yang) vs. the inertia of not being able to get out of bed during depression (yin).

Yin-Yang Balance is about finding the middle point of all these extremes. About finding harmony.  We need the warmth of summer – but not so much that we suffer heat stroke; and we need the cold of winter – but certainly not its extreme.

My Manhattan-based practice is about working with patients on every level to restore health to their lives through balance. Nothing is more important to me than removing the suffering of not feeling healthy. But my ultimate goal is to give them the tools to keep themselves healthy so they don’t need me anymore! This can be done when you find the ways that will keep you in balance.