I’m not big fan of doctors, but understand their necessity.  I’m blessed with generally good health.  But, I went through a tough time and realized that I wasn’t well.  I didn’t like where I was at (health wise) but wasn’t sure exactly what to do.  I just knew that I didn’t want a pill or a preaching.    What I received from Amy was an empathetic understanding of how much I was capable of at the time.  She prescribed herbs and simple advice.  Here’s the kicker, never did she judge me if I didn’t follow her recommendations.  I received patience, patience and more patience.  At first my goal was to be less stressed.  It’s been two years now and I am lighter, stronger and healthier than I was 10 years ago. I get compliments from people who haven’t seen me in a while.  The coolest part is that my lifestyle feels  totally me, not scripted from a top ten bestseller.

Sheila H.

The first time I went to have acupuncture done by Amy, I could barely walk to get to my appointment. She spent a lot of time listening and asking questions about my pain. I would have never believed I would be walking away from my appointment free of pain when I walked. I felt such relief! I really appreciated that she didn’t ask me to get on a plan or schedule the next appointment. When I needed to come back, I did, end of story.
Adrianna A.N.

Amy FitzPatick gave me expert medical care throughout my treatment for ovarian cancer.  The acupuncture I received post chemotherapy alleviated many of the uncomfortable chemo side effects such as nausea, limited appetite, and fatigue.  One of the biggest problems caused by western pain and anti-nausea medications are hardened bowels:  Amy masterfully used acupuncture to dissipate the hard-as-rock bowels.  This made a significant difference in my comfort level and rate of recovery.  During the most difficult part of my chemotherapy cycles, Amy made house calls to treat me.  In addition to being dedicated and incredibly smart, Amy was always kind and thoughtful– I didn’t have to worry about being self-conscious about my baldness, for example.  I highly recommend Amy to address the uncomfortable side-effects of chemotherapy and/or surgery so that the patient heals more quickly.  Amy is a gem!


I came to Amy Fitzpatrick after seeing 5 other healthcare professionals who couldn’t help me. I spent 3 months in agony wondering if I would ever get relief or spend the rest of my life in pain. Upon my arrival to Amy’s office, she gave me a physical exam and an array of questions that none of the other professionals had asked before. After 3 or 4 treatments I started to see an improvement and the pain started to dissipate. Amy doesn’t just treat the pain; she treats the whole body. For me acupuncture was a last resort, but with Amy, now it would be a first.

– Elyse

I started my own company and was under a great deal of stress which caused my breathing to become tense and shallow.  I have suffered from mild asthma most of my life, so when my chest suddenly became tighter, I credited it to stress, turning 40 and the overwhelming pollution in Los Angeles. I had tried going back to yoga, spinning class, you name it. I accepted this as my new normal. During my session with Amy, she suggested Maya massage. Never in my life did I think that something could release my chest so instantly, enabling me to breathe again. Being able to breathe deeply helped me relax and vice versa. And now turning 40 doesn’t seem all that bad after all.

Michele F., Los Angeles

Amy helped our son in the hospital because he wasn’t reacting well to morphine but was in pain from surgery. She continued to help him after surgery in her own clinic. She’s fantastic with kids and I’d trust her with any of my son’s health issues.


I’ve seen and kept in touch with Amy for the past three or so years. Every appointment has been enlightening and calming. She not only uses her knowledge to treat and/or prevent illnesses, pains and imbalances with TCM., but will also answer any questions you might have with great thoroughness and a personable, refreshing bedside manner. Her dedication to well-being is nothing short of passionate.  Her in-house treatments and herbal accompaniments have been tremendously helpful to maintaining my health, and when I can’t make it to her practice for a person-to-person appointment, it’s nice to know that I can email questions I might have and shortly after, receive a helpful and informative response.  I am happy to be part of Amy’s clientele, and happily recommend others to her. From personal experience, my confidence in her abilities is unmoving. Amy has treated me for small skin disorders and chronic disease issues while continuing to be a voice of mindful health maintenance and holistic wellness.

Jennifer S.

I met Amy socially before she became my acupuncturist of choice but never really paid attention to her profession. About two months ago, I came down with really bad sciatica and lower backache: nothing helped (painkillers, traditional massage, etc.), I could barely get out of bed, let alone walk – so I called Amy begging her for an acupuncture session. After only one appointment, I went from barely walking to walking almost pain-free, that’s when Amy became my acupuncturist besides being a friend.


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