New Year’s goals already discarded? This may be why…Meditation Resources – Part 3

 I have been assiduously avoiding this 3rd “meditation resources” email  because the topic I chose was impermanence.  Impermanence is central to  meditation and topical given the intractability we often assign to New Year’s  resolutions. But as it happens, impermanence is woefully difficult to write about without sounding trite or like new-age intellectual pap, or without hurtling anyone (myself especially) into an unneeded existential crisis.  So, naturally, I avoided it. Luckily, (lamely?) I was rescued by a quote: In the ancient Indian […]

What Are Those Prescription Drugs Doing in Your Body, Anyway? – You live in your body – not your doctor, Part III

It was a long and arduous process, but after years of research and millions of dollars, various drug companies have probably managed to offer you remedies for some of your ailments. These remedies came in a little brown bottle full of pills expertly prescribed by your physician. Probably, some pills made you feel better, some made you feel worse and others just plain didn’t work. They usually come in a small pharmacy bag with all manner of warnings stapled to […]

Science Isn’t Magic. (It’s better!) Doctors Aren’t Omnipotent. (They’re human!)

Trust your health care providers, but know that they are neither omniscient nor infallible – they may thank you for your scrutiny  The only thing more impressive than how much we know about biology – both in scale and content – is how much we don’t know. Yet, a pervasive thought exists that might have been borne out of the vaguely all-knowing feeling that Google gives us.  The world thinks that science knows how the body works – entirely.  This gives […]

Acupuncture for Busy Women.

Check out this article from Shape magazine – “Why Every Busy Woman Should Try Acupuncture.”