My Maya Path

I had been an acupuncture patient for years before studying Chinese medicine. Similarly, I came to Maya Abdominal Therapy as a patient of a very capable and wonderful practitioner.

It helped me so much that I signed up for the self-care training and then the professional training. I just had to be able to offer this tool to my patients.  In the first session I will teach you self-care – so you will be immediately empowered to do this for yourself.

What is particularly profound to me was how powerful it is just to promote circulation to the much neglected areas of our bellies and sacral areas. Given our sedentary lives and just the hazards of being human, these areas can easily get congested, stiff, and tight. 

Just the mechanics of that stiffness can cause all manner of problems.  Ask anyone who has ever had a psoas injury how many issues that one muscle can affect. This therapy helps release all of that congestion.

I incorporate acupressure into the massage as well, because the meridians that run through the abdomen and back contain powerful acupoints that can increase the effectiveness of the massage.