Home Visit Treatment for AllergiesChildren are not just small adults.  The have unique physiology which changes much more rapidly than grownups.  This actually often makes it easier to get their bodies back in balance – but it is also why they have such high and rapid fevers when they get sick.  In Chinese terms we joke that “they are all Yang” because they are so fast, and hot and energetic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history of pediatric care and I have been specially trained in pediatric formulas & acupuncture.  Additionally, at Beth Israel hospital I had the honor and pleasure of practicing in-patient acupuncture in their wonderful pediatrics department.

There, I also learned the benefits of treating the whole family.  There is little that is more stressful or anxiety ridden than when your child is sick.  It’s been my experience that parents often benefit from a few stress reducing needles while their child is on the table and I believe families are units – so, if the parents are interested in taking a moment for a little self-care, the whole family unit gets cared for in my pediatric practice.

Common ailments in children & adolescents, treatable by TCM

•Behavioral Issues
•Night terrors and nocturnal enuresis
•Painful and/or irregular periods
•Diabetes/weight issues
•Digestive issues

I also want to note that I have done a fair bit of work with children with autism.  It has not been my experience that TCM can cure autism, but I have seen it mitigate the violent outbursts and help with some of the common digestion problems these children can experience.

Helping to manage to extreme behavior can be especially key during puberty and adolescence – when hormones complicate and exacerbate the picture.  Furthermore, in girls with autism going through puberty, I have used acupuncture to help smooth the mood swings and other symptoms of PMS. Please call or write me if you have any questions about what TCM can do for your child.

See below for an in-house video we did at BIMC about how we manage fear of needles & clean needle technique in the hospital.